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Face It…Leominster residents don’t want day spas in their back yards

After several months, numerous planning board and city council meetings, and quite a bit of ink in the local papers, Beth and Frank Novak have apparently withdrawn their petition to allow a day spa or “wellness center” to operate in a residential zone with a special permit. I think this could have been a landmark […]

Office Leasing Options in Leominster, MA – Part 2

In this second part of my four part series on the options for office leasing in Leominster, I want to focus on the Erdman Way Business Park located across the street from Staples just off Route 12 at the Interchange of Routes 2 and 12. With a total combined leasable area of close to 120,000 SF, […]

Office Leasing Options In Leominster, MA – Part 1

Are you looking for office leasing options in Leominster, MA?   Are you aware of all of the options there are in Leominster to lease office space? I’d like to provide you a breakdown of the different options there are in Leominster for leasing office space. The Leominster commercial real estate market is competitive when it comes […]

Commercial Real Estate Terminology – What does this stuff mean???

For those of you looking to get into commercial real estate investment there is a whole set of “commercial real estate words” you are going to need to know before you get started. There are actually whole books published on commercial real estate terminology but here are a few of the more commonly used terms […]

Renovating "Flipper Uppers" for profit

A few things to consider if you are looking to get into flipping houses for profit… Popcorn belongs in a bowl with butter – It’s great to snack on during a movie or while watching a marathon of Soprano’s reruns but it looks terrible hanging from the ceiling           Wood Paneling […]