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1031 Exchange? Yes Please!

Do you know the worst part about making money in real estate? In my opinion its having to share your money with the government when you decide to sell an investment property.┬áDid you know there was a way to put off paying taxes on the money you earn on investment properties? And notice that I […]

What’s a Vanilla Box Anyways?

I was reading Tina Devore’s blog on Active Rain recently. She posted a requirement she had for some office space in the Lafayette Indiana area back in May. She described the requirement as being about 1,000 SF and the tenant would prefer a vanilla box. One of the comments was somebody that asked simply, “What’s […]

5 Reasons "Not" to hire a Buyer’s Agent For Your Next Commercial Property Search

Who Really Hires A Buyer’s Agent?   When you bought your last home, did you hire a buyer’s agent? When you started your last commercial property search did you hire a buyer’s agent or tenant rep? Why is one different than the other? Buyers of residential properties do it all the time and though not […]