Office Leasing Options In Leominster, MA – Part 1

Are you looking for office leasing options in Leominster, MA?   Are you aware of all of the options there are in Leominster to lease office space? I’d like to provide you a breakdown of the different options there are in Leominster for leasing office space. The Leominster commercial real estate market is competitive when it comes […]

Office Available For Lease – 267 days and counting

Not all office space is created equally… For those of you working in commercial real estate that may have a client/property owner with office space that they want you to lease for them, one of the first things you do is go out to the property and take some photos. For future reference…don’t bother taking […]

What’s the Difference Between A Gross Lease and a Triple Net Lease?

Triple Net Lease… Gross Lease… What does it all mean? What is a “Gross Lease”? A question I get asked fairly frequently from business owners is what does it mean for a lease to be “gross”? This is a common term in commercial real estate. It doesn’t meant that your lease smells funny, has stuff […]

Effectively Planning for the Future Growth of your Business

Do you know one of the greatest challenges facing even the most successful business owners when it comes to commercial lease negotiations? Surprisingly, it’s effective planning for the future growth and expansion of their business. In the fourth year of a five year lease business owners are facing the realization that they may have to […]