Commercial Leases – 2 Things You Should Know about "Common Area"

Vicki Watzlawick of Exit Platinum Realty asked me to do more posts about commercial real estate terms so hopefully you find this informative Vicky…Thanks for the suggestion. Negotiating a lease for commercial real estate is something that is done by real estate professionals all over the country every day for their clients. As a business […]

What’s a Vanilla Box Anyways?

I was reading Tina Devore’s blog on Active Rain recently. She posted a requirement she had for some office space in the Lafayette Indiana area back in May. She described the requirement as being about 1,000 SF and the tenant would prefer a vanilla box. One of the comments was somebody that asked simply, “What’s […]

Commercial Real Estate Terminology – What does this stuff mean???

For those of you looking to get into commercial real estate investment there is a whole set of “commercial real estate words” you are going to need to know before you get started. There are actually whole books published on commercial real estate terminology but here are a few of the more commonly used terms […]

What’s the Difference Between A Gross Lease and a Triple Net Lease?

Triple Net Lease… Gross Lease… What does it all mean? What is a “Gross Lease”? A question I get asked fairly frequently from business owners is what does it mean for a lease to be “gross”? This is a common term in commercial real estate. It doesn’t meant that your lease smells funny, has stuff […]