I’m King of the (Google) World!!! almost…

I’m finding that it’s actually not terribly difficult to climb close to the top of Google’s search results for certain keywords pertaining to my geographic area. SEO Companies charge lot’s of money to get high keyword rankings and you can see that with a company like Active Rain in your corner, you can get the high rankings without the SEO companies help.

The key is getting my personal blog to the top of the search results page as well…

One example is Leominster commercial real estate agents

I’m also 2nd for Leominster commercial real estate

My goal is to make it up to the top for Massachusetts commercial real estate but this is a pretty broad and popular keyword that’s crowded with national real estate listing services, and regional/national brokerage companies.

There are three things I believe new bloggers need to focus on get to the top of the google world and to ensure they aren’t grouped in with the majority of blogs out there that don’t last through the first year:

  1. Continue to post every day and if you can’t post every day post as often as you can on a regular basis.
  2. Stay away from posts that involve the hottest news or the latest trends unless they are specific to your geographic area. There are too many successful blogs out there writing about the big national news headlines so the likelihood of your blog getting noticed diminishes when you try and follow in the big guys footsteps.
  3. Make sure you know a lot about what you are writing about…you can’t fake it. The more you come across as an expert, the more people are going to read your blog and start linking to you and you’ll build up some clout with Google.

If only I could master rules 1, 2, and 3 I’d be a successful blogger.

Feel free to add to my short list of tips for new bloggers. I’m sure I can use the advice as well…



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  1. Beland says:

    Rule #4 – If you are going to insert hyperlinks into a post, make sure they work…

  2. Maureen M. says:

    Psst… “Google sent me.” Your mention of ActiveRain (or Active Rain?) came through as a Google Alert.

    I enjoyed your entry about “Crack Kills.”

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