Renovating "Flipper Uppers" for profit

A few things to consider if you are looking to get into flipping houses for profit… Popcorn belongs in a bowl with butter – It’s great to snack on during a movie or while watching a marathon of Soprano’s reruns but it looks terrible hanging from the ceiling           Wood Paneling […]

I’m King of the (Google) World!!! almost…

I’m finding that it’s actually not terribly difficult to climb close to the top of Google’s search results for certain keywords pertaining to my geographic area. SEO Companies charge lot’s of money to get high keyword rankings and you can see that with a company like Active Rain in your corner, you can get the […]

Office Available For Lease – 267 days and counting

Not all office space is created equally… For those of you working in commercial real estate that may have a client/property owner with office space that they want you to lease for them, one of the first things you do is go out to the property and take some photos. For future reference…don’t bother taking […]

Day Spas, Doctors, and a Disappearing Councilor

Before the Leominster City Council is a petition to allow a Day Spa to operate in a residential neighborhood. At face value, it seems like a reasonable request; a quiet business, not much traffic…what harm could there be? Quite a bit unfortunately… The basis of whether or not to pass the petition has nothing to […]

Pink Flamingos…On the Verge of Extinction

What does the future hold for the plastic pink flamingo? If you didn’t have one in your front lawn growing up, you surely had a neighbor that had six of them on their front lawn. They first appeared on the scene in 1957, dissapeared in the 70’s, made a reappearance in the 80’s, and now […]