Renovating "Flipper Uppers" for profit

A few things to consider if you are looking to get into flipping houses for profit…

Popcorn belongs in a bowl with butter – It’s great to snack on during a movie or while watching a marathon of Soprano’s reruns but it looks terrible hanging from the ceiling






Wood Paneling – It’s fine as long as the walls it covers happen to be in the smoking room.

Shag Carpet – Leave it in the van…

Crack Kills – Whether it’s the plumber’s version, or the kind you find in a foundation, either way it’s bad news.

Lastly…Don’t ever ask Casey Serin for advice!!! (Google Him)

Follow these simple rules and you will be a millionaire in less than 18 months…
(No guarantees on the millionaire thing though)



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    1.) GREAT graphics (and I love your “crack kills” line)! I’m your newest fan. :)

    2.) I would add to your list of EVERY rennovation to hire a make-ready company to do the final clean; there’s nothing better than a sparking house even if it has awful paneling!

  2. Beland says:

    I appreciate the vote of confidence…I’ll do my best now to live up to your expectations…thanks for all the added pressure too.


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